The Natural Living Film Festival 2015

The Natural Living Film Festival
Sami’s and Harlem Salsa
WARRIOR 2015 Award


Dear Fam,

To the members of my salsa family, I take great pride in sharing this beautiful Community Holistic Warrior 2015 Award.  It reads: For dedication and determination in Advancing Harlem Salsa, Community Healing, through the dance.  It was presented to me by the Natural Living Institute Film Festival.  I was humbled and accepted this award on your behalf.  Without your years of support it would not have been possible.  While it is always nice to be recognized for your endeavors, to me it is almost like cheating. There is no endeavor I enjoy more than Harlem Salsa.  I am not only the founder and producer of Harlem Salsa, I am also its biggest fan.  Once more allow me to thank you for your encouragement and continued support.