The Natural Living Film Festival 2015 Part 2

Curated and Produced by Yvonne Stafford

]awardfl Sami

For the past four years the Natural Living Institute has been recognizing persons in our community who by their actions, promote health and healing. This year our friend Raheem Sami was recognized as a COMMUNITY HOLISTIC WARRIOR 2015.
We believe that his steadfast dedication and unfailing effort to keep the spirit of Salsa alive through his creation of Harlem Sala is a genuine commitment to health through music. Although Harlem Salsa has been like an orphan child from time to time, having to move from one location to another, Sami has remained steadfast in efforts of finding a home where friends could meet, greet and dance. thus supporting, friendships, laughter, exercise and lots of love.
This award is given at the Natural Living Film Festival and Community Forum, curated and produced by Yvonne Stafford and supported by Sugar Hill Communications Inst.